Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2105


The old churches downtown

New sweater

Mission truck in the freezing cold

Happy v day y'all's

Harry Potter homes


Dinner with Members

We learned how to tie bow ties yesterday at church

Another week gone! They go by way to fast. To start of sadly Don wasn't baptized.... :( It was a bummer. He really wants his family here, but he did come to church!! He also took us out to PF Changs for dinner on Thursday which was good. He has been working a lot, and so it's been hard to meet with a lot. Last week was a week of finding! We were dropped by some of our favorite investigators, but we really prayed to find some more, and on Friday we did! On friday we found a nice family of 4 who is pretty awesome, and Saturday we met with a referral who name is Kerry who looks super promising. We met Kerry at the church, and we taught the Restoration to him with a member! The lesson was super spiritual! We set a soft date with him for baptism, and we walked around the temple with him which was sweet. He didn't come to church yet though.. He felt that he was going to be undressed, buy hopefully next week! We also went on exchanges in Dickson TN. I went up there, and had a good exchange. They live with members which is always a strange situation in my mind, but we taught and met some good country folk up there! The best part of last week is the fact that I'm not getting transfers. I was pretty nervous that I was going to be gone. I'm not ready to leave Franklin yet. I just fell like I haven't completed my purpose here yet, plus I have a goal to baptize in all of my areas, and that needs to happen before I get transferred out. There is a cool story that I read in the beginning of my mission which I think about often when I think about how my area is doing. The story talks about this missionary who has a dream that he is in the pre-earth life, and he gets his letter that talks about when he is coming to the earth and he learns that he is going to be born into the church in the last days. Then his best friend gets his letter and it talks about how he will be born in the last days, but not into the church. The friends are sad, but the one friend says "You better come find me." I would have to say that is the same goal I have is to find my friends, and bring them the restored gospel, and I just hope I can be the missionary the lord needs me to be so that I can find my friends here in TN. I know I have found some because you can just tell, and I hope and pray I can find more. Tennessee is great. Life is great! Love YA'LL Ty