Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Jesus Flowers for our friend who son died 

The finest of Franklin haha
Time is flying bye! Oh my.. Well last week was good! Weather was pretty normal besides the 3" of snow Wednesday night! The week wasn't full of member presents lesson like we were hoping for, but it went well. We were able to meet with our Spanish investigator Juan on Monday again. It went well. It is so cool how the spirit real helps me understand 3/4 of the lesson. I can't speak Spanish at all really, but the spirit has been helping me understand what my comp and the members are teaching to the investigator it was awesome. Juan sadly didn't make it to church, but we are planning on meeting with him tonight. On Tuesday we received a call from a former investigator saying he want to meet up again! It was great! I love when people call us for a change! That never happens. We taught him on Wednesday afternoon, and it went good, but he lives in the sister's ward. So we will have to give him up! We had two good lessons with Don! It was great. He didn't make it to church because he fell on the ice and broke two ribs. He's been super sore and such. We went over and talked about prophets one night then the next lesson he gave us a tour of the factory he works for. It's a huge factory! Pretty cool to see what's behind everything we have, but I could never work at a factory.. No sunlight, and always another deadline to hit. We met with Kerry and a great member from the other stake who is friends with Kerry. Kerry is a great guy! Still hasn't made it to church but hopefully soon! We also had training from a 70 and a brother from the missionary department. It was a great meeting. We talked a lot about covenants and life long service in the church. We also got the new training on ipads which is pretty cool. The ipad training now starts at home, and it will go home with the missionary. The point of the new training is  to know how to use the internet for the rest of your life. We are going to learn how to use FaceBook better, and so that when we go home we won't be addictive to social media like we we're when we left, and we all know I was pretty addictive to all that stuff before the mission. It was great. Also now as missionaries we will be making life plans to help us when we get home. Really great program. The church is great. Life has been but great. This week we get to go to the temple! I'm way excited. It's final temple trip as a missionary. Which is strange. Time is running short, and I really don't want to miss anything. The mission is great. I love this place. I know that there is no other place  I should or need to be than Tennessee at this time! Thanks for everything. Love ya Ty