Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

Frogs Everywhere

More Frogs


Snow day again!
Hey YA'LL!

We had another wonderful week here in Tennessee! The weather was up and down, but besides that everything else was great. On Monday night we knocked into a new investigator. His name is Steve. I knocked and did my normal door approach, and he said I'll let ya'll in to share a 5 minute message, but he ended up talked to us for like 45 like every one in the south do! It was great though. We went back on Thursday, and he had read the pamphlet and everything! So that was exciting! Also I went up to Dickson again on exchanges! It was a good trip. There was so many frogs up there it was unreal! Like 100's on the road and such! It was kind of cool! Wednesday was the best probably because of the temple. It was the final time of going to the temple as a missionary in and area. I will get to go on my final day in TN as well, but this one was kind of the end which wasn't fun to think about. The spirit was super strong. It was great to feel the presence of the lord so strong in there. Rest of the week was full of great lesson. We had 5 Member Presents back to back on Friday. It was wonderful. On Saturday we met with Don! He cancelled for the 14th because his family didn't get back to him fast enough. So he didn't want to pay for expense fight tickets. He came to church yesterday as well which was great. Always good to have our buddy Don with us! Life is good!  Hope all is well with Ya'll! Love ya Elder Jaros