Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Civil War Bullet Holes

Carter House Sign
Slave Quarters

Civil War Bullet Holes

Carter house trip! It's a civil war house where over 3,00 people died in the battle of Franklin!

Inside Slave House

Civil War Cannon
Found 7 4-leaf clovers this week

The prettiest road in Franklin
Spring Time

Spring Time
Another week gone! Time flies! We had a good week! Lots of lessons, and this week should even be better!! Everything went well with our zone as well! We challenged our Zone to all get 5 member presents so we can hit the goal of 35% Member Presents! So we spent the week sending text and voice mails to get the zone pumped to hit the goal, and WE DID IT! So that is huge! The mission goal is 40%, and we haven't hit it yet this year so hopefully this week! #Franklinfire! We had some cool miracles this week. One of them being yesterday at church! We had two non-members walk in! They we're two college kids wanting to learn more. They went out to SLC for spring break, and they went to Temple Square, and they wanted to learn more so they came on over to our building for church! They stayed for all three hours, and they loved it. We are meeting with them again so hope that goes well! We also had a killer day! All our plans worked out, and we 9 lessons while only driving 20 miles! It was sweet. We taught some Spanish and English, and they all went so well. Don is doing well. Being prepared for the Aaronic priesthood now! So that's exciting. We are having lots of members invite him over for dinner with us which has been super rad. Timothy is doing well. He went to YM and loved it. He didn't make it to church, but he and his mother will be there next week which is so awesome! She is pretty awesome, and she said she prayed about us coming over to teach her and Timothy and she felt God telling her yes! So that was cool! Things are just going great! Could be my last week in Franklin! So that is kind of sad. Love this place. This week I was reminded about the power of prayer, and how as we ask Heavenly Father for help it comes, and how we ask our Savior to strength us it comes. It's truly amazing how much they love us, and are waiting for us to call out and ask them for help. It made me think of Elder Holland's talk from GC. I want to share my favorite quote from that talk. "Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, suffered, died, and rose from death in order that He could, like lightning in a summer storm, grasp us as we fall, hold us with His might, and through our obedience to His commandments, lift us to eternal life," and like the quote says the savior is there waiting to help us out. I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ, and all the times he's strengthen me over my life. I know he is there, and that he lives. Thanks so much for everything. Love Elder Jaros 

Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

Its green in Tennessee

My favorite senior sister missionary.
Don's Baptism

Don's Baptism
This Josh, he is a member from Lebanon, TN.
Greatest week yet! Wow! I'm so happy and grateful! DON WAS BAPTIZED!! Oh my it was so sweet! His family was here, and they have awesome testimonies, and it was just great!! We had over 40 people there, and we had Timothy our investigator there! His sister talked about her conversion it was just sweet. I baptized Don, and it was sweet! I forgot the prayer.. I started it and totally spaced it, but it's all good. Bishop Sherwood help me out! It was a great experience! This was as hard as I've ever worked as a missionary for a baptism. He is going to be a great member. I'm so grateful for him. Earlier in the morning we had another Spanish investigator at another baptism! He might be the next one! Saturday was just great! Oh my! Still so happy about it all!! It's unreal how much this zone has changed these last 6 months! We as a zone are killing it. It's amazing. We had 7 baptism over the past two weeks. Such a huge miracle! So grateful for the hard work going on by the zone! The Franklin Zone fire is real! Rest of the week went well. We had interviews, and we had a few meetings, but we still had lots of lessons and lots of success! Now it's on to staying focused finding the next baptism and retaining Don! We are just loving life. It is great. I was going over the last question in the baptismal promise and it really stuck out to me this week. Here it is: "When you are baptized, you covenant with God that you are willing to take upon yourself the name of Christ and keep His commandments throughout your life. Are you ready to make this covenant and strive to be faithful to it?" Such a powerful question and promise! I'm so grateful for my covenants, and to be able to help Don make covenants with God. Life is great! Love ya Ty

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Dogwood Tree
My Zone!
Bought a Hula-Hoop

Love this hillside

Sunset after all the rain.
Life is so good in Tennessee!!!!!!!!!! Just loving it. Nothing better! We had another great week! We had a really cool miracle this week! Well this week we really prayed for New Investigators, and we found some!! 3 of them seem pretty solid. There names are Daphany, Marty,and Clifton. Awesome people. Clifton was really cool. We met with him last Tuesday and as we were starting teaching he got up and went over to his book shelf, and took his Book of Mormon of the shelf!! His friends who moved away 20 years ago gave it to him, and he kind of forgot about it! We talked about what the Book is, and committed him to read a chapter and we are going back tonight. It was sweet. This week I also went down to Spring Hill. It was a nice exchange. It was a nice drive because all the Dog Wood trees and Red Buds are in bloom and it looked so beautiful! It was way cool! Tennessee is so beautiful in the Spring super green again! I just love this place. A couple weeks ago I took a challenge from President Andersen to pray about the Book of Mormon again. The first time I ever received an answer was in Cookeville a few weeks into the mission, and it was a huge turning point for me. I remember asking my Heavenly Father in tears one August night in 2013. It was one of the most incredible moments of my life when I felt the spirit saying this book is true. So as I pray again last week, I was tired and barely a wake still and I finished my pray with the question, and climbed into bed. Two days later we we're teaching this dude and I read Moroni promise with him and the spirit hit me again just like the time in Cookeville besides no tears. It's truly amazing that as we ask Heavenly Father in pray he answers. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon, and the opportunity to share it daily with the people in Tennessee.  This weekend we had 2 cool miracle. We we're able to attend a baptism for a 8 almost 9 year old in our ward! The cool part is that 6 months ago they we're less active, and just didn't even really care anymore, but over 6 months of visits and visits from the ward council they are reactivated and there awesome son was baptized! It was great! Also DON PASSED HIS INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So he will be baptized THIS Saturday at 3!! We are so excited. He is as well. We had Stake Conference over the weekend, and it was a real treat. Beside that fact that we haven't had the Sacrament for 2 weeks! We had Elder Zwick with us. He is an great speaker. He talked about Patience, and coming to know our savior. He has such a glow around him. You can just fill it when your near him. He's awesome. Things are great in TN. Just loving life. Hope all is well at home! Love ya'll TY

Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

Oh my what a great week again!!!! The lord keep blessing us with great weeks in Franklin! We had a busy week with an Exchange with Dickson, Zone Meeting, and one of the best weekends of the year, General Conference! We had a good Zone Meeting! It was quick. We had one just a few weeks ago. So not had a lot had changed, but we do have some new Elders which was great to meet them! I talked/trained on the #becausehelive video! It was fun! Just talked about teach the atonement, and bring the restoration into the video! It was simple but good enough for me! We also had a good week with member presents, and we had some great lessons with Kerry and Margret with members. Sadly we didn't get them to General Conference, but we will keep trying! They are progressing very slowly, but we just need to take the next step! Probably the best part of the week was Saturday! We watched General Conference at the church the first session, and as we we're setting up the Spanish stuff one of our Spanish investigators showed up!! So that was awesome, and he watched some of General Conference Saturday night on replay! So that's sweet, than the Sunday afternoon session we watched at Don's! He was doubt and was nervous about all this last week, but he loved conference. He really loved the priesthood session. He texted us and said that he loved General Conference and wished it was more that once a year, and that he cried his eyes out during President Eyring talk during the priesthood session, and his last text said I have no doubt that this is the right choice for me!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to cry I was so happy! It was awesome. He's great! This ward is great as well. They take such good care of me. This week focus is finding again! I forgot to talk about how amazing General Conference was! Oh my I loved it. So much learned about the atonement!!! All my questions we're answered, and I think my favorite talk was by Elder Pearson! Read, Read, Read the Book of Mormon! The key to life is to keep the scripture study up! I've realized that so much on my mission. The members who are solid read there scriptures, and the investigators who are solid study there scriptures. Just such a good reminder. I've read the Book of Mormon a few times of the mission now I think 5, and every time I learn something and grow spiritually. I love that book. Thanks so much for everything! TN is great, and I do not ever want to leave this place!!!!! Love Ty