Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

Oh my what a great week again!!!! The lord keep blessing us with great weeks in Franklin! We had a busy week with an Exchange with Dickson, Zone Meeting, and one of the best weekends of the year, General Conference! We had a good Zone Meeting! It was quick. We had one just a few weeks ago. So not had a lot had changed, but we do have some new Elders which was great to meet them! I talked/trained on the #becausehelive video! It was fun! Just talked about teach the atonement, and bring the restoration into the video! It was simple but good enough for me! We also had a good week with member presents, and we had some great lessons with Kerry and Margret with members. Sadly we didn't get them to General Conference, but we will keep trying! They are progressing very slowly, but we just need to take the next step! Probably the best part of the week was Saturday! We watched General Conference at the church the first session, and as we we're setting up the Spanish stuff one of our Spanish investigators showed up!! So that was awesome, and he watched some of General Conference Saturday night on replay! So that's sweet, than the Sunday afternoon session we watched at Don's! He was doubt and was nervous about all this last week, but he loved conference. He really loved the priesthood session. He texted us and said that he loved General Conference and wished it was more that once a year, and that he cried his eyes out during President Eyring talk during the priesthood session, and his last text said I have no doubt that this is the right choice for me!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to cry I was so happy! It was awesome. He's great! This ward is great as well. They take such good care of me. This week focus is finding again! I forgot to talk about how amazing General Conference was! Oh my I loved it. So much learned about the atonement!!! All my questions we're answered, and I think my favorite talk was by Elder Pearson! Read, Read, Read the Book of Mormon! The key to life is to keep the scripture study up! I've realized that so much on my mission. The members who are solid read there scriptures, and the investigators who are solid study there scriptures. Just such a good reminder. I've read the Book of Mormon a few times of the mission now I think 5, and every time I learn something and grow spiritually. I love that book. Thanks so much for everything! TN is great, and I do not ever want to leave this place!!!!! Love Ty