Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

Random Southern Stuff "Wipe yo feet honeychile"

Ghetto Laundry Mat!

Downtown Nashville "Best City in the World!"

Yes that a pit bull on this homies roof...
May is almost gone! This week we we're blessed again! Just such a great week again! We had lots of success!! We still have been knocking doors, but not as much! Because we've had lots of return appointment to follow up on! This week we found 11 new investigators which was sweet! There was a few days we knocked only one door, and we would find people that were just prepared by the lord. On Tuesday we knocked into this man name Deetree! He was super smart with his bible knowledge, and he loved the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It was a great lesson. We focused the lesson on eternal families because we saw that his car had a sticker talking about his mother who died. He was really emotional about it all. When we got to Joseph Smith we started to talk about James 1:5 scripture and he quoted it to us! Which was sweet. We don't see that a lot. We have another lesson with him tomorrow! I'm stoked for that. We also had some success finding some less actives! One of them families is a part member family who has lots of potential! I could see some of the, being baptized real soon! On Saturday we had a crazy day. We had to bike all day, and we had lots of set appointments. We had one with this lady named Wendy. She was awesome. She's had a rough life, but it was so cool to see how as we taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to meet her needs the spirit was so strong. She noticed it as well. It was a great experience. We than had an awesome stake conference! It was so great. There were two talks Saturday night that were awesome. One was from this recent convert about how not delaying spiritual progress. He is a YSA concert 20 like me. Going to Vandy, and he just talked about how he knew that the Book of Mormon would change his life, because he saw it change his friend so finally after a night in jail he realized it all. It was so awesome. Such a great testimony! Then there was a sister who talked about embracing our imperfections as we share the gospel. It was so great. She talked about how as Latter Day Saints we are always striving to be perfect, but as we show that we are human and we have short comings it helps investigators see how they can fit in and how they can keep trying. It was so great. It helped me to realize again and again that I can't be a robot as I teach I have to be me! Show my personality and my life story. It was just great reminder. Life is great! Jesus is great. With his help everything is possible.  Love ya Ty