Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015


Bike cable wouldn't unlock had to cut the cable!
My District!
June is here.... Last week was incredible! It was great! Even with the  bikes! We were down poured on a few times, but we made it out alive so yay! I don't know where to start! We had 3 investigators at church  yesterday! And three less actives! It was awesome! Plus we set two baptismal dates last week! The first one was with a gal named Rachel!  She is a 40 ish lady and she is very humble! We been teaching her for  about a month, and she really started to progress this week! It was  great, and as we were prayed to figure out who the Fellowshipper  should be we went over and gave a member a blessing, and it was so  clear to me during the blessing that she should be the Fellowshipper!  They hit it off great, and she even took her to church! So huge  miracle right there! Also we set a date Saturday night with Christian! He's a 17 year old! His mother and sister are converts from another ward in Nashville. He has such a powerful testimony of the  Book of Mormon. He's been reading it for almost two years, but he  always have some hang ups with baptism. We set a date for July 4th! He didn't make it to church yesterday, but we are going to go over tomorrow and try to get him progressing towards that date! The other  two investigators at church were from another part member family we  found! On Thursday my bike lock wouldn't unlock.... So we just started  to walk to our next appointment, when we met this lady Ginger walking.  We talked for a while as we walked with her, and we learned that her  grandfather was a bishop back In the day! We went over to there house later that week, and we invited them out to church, and they came! It  was sweet! They have a super cute three year old daughter! So it was  awesome! I never had a week like this! It was great! It's unreal how  much I've come to live my mission. It's going by two fast. I never  thought I was going to like it at all! I was planning on just being a  brat I think for two years ha but I've come to loved Tennessee so  much, but I've really come to love and know my savior. I'm so grateful  for him. This week when things were going nuts I would pray for safety or guidance and it would always come. It's great to know that I have a  savior who has been through the things I'm going through, and when I turn to him and use his atonement I just closer to him. I'm so  grateful for my call to serve. Thanks so much for everything! Love ya'll Elder Jaros