Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

The crazy hotel

Crazy bike ride to get to the hotel! It was rad though!

Crazy bike ride to get to the hotel! It was rad though!

Jungle boat ride

Boat rides in the gaylord!
Today marks the start of my final transfer as a full time missionary. Really unreal. I can't believe how amazing these 22 months have been! Truly the best thus far of my life. We had a good week. We had a solid Monday night with an good lesson with Rachel first. She had a seizure and feel off her front steps and cut open her head... It was a rough day for her, but that night she wanted us to come by and talk so we did. She is progressing some she has been coming to church which is good! She came yesterday! So that's good. That's the second time we've had her at church. We set a goal list for her on Saturday! Just trying to help her progress in life some as well! Tuesday was filled with a all day trainer trainee meeting! It was a great meeting. I realized that I'm still having to adjust to missionary work! Ha always ways and something we can do to improve! I went on exchanges for the next few days. I was with Elder Thorup in the other half of our branch. It was a good time. He's a funny elder. He's going home tomorrow, and they are closing there area so we now we'll have lots more to do! Rest of the week went well. Biked a lot, and had a rad Saturday with 8 lessons or so! That was great! We also both had to speak in church. That's my 3rd time as a missionary speaking in church. It was an easy topic studying the scriptures! I only had to speak for 5 minutes! I quoted this from GC from Bishop Caussé talk: "

Sometimes we might be tempted to think, “I don’t need to study the scriptures today; I’ve read them all before” or “I don’t need to go to church today; there’s nothing new there.”

But the gospel is a fountain of knowledge that never runs dry. There is always something new to learn and feel each Sunday, in every meeting, and in every verse of scripture. In faith we hold to the promise that if we “seek, … [we] shall find.”"

I know that toooo be soo true. I've come to love the scriptures soooo much on my mission. They are my favorite thing. I love studying them and learning each day. It's such a blessing to have a time daily to study, and I'm excited to keep this habit for rest of my life. I hope all is well with ya'll!  Life is sooo blessed here in Tennessee! Love ya Ty