Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

The River

The River

This town loves Johnny

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Should I bye them?? Nah

My favorite store downtown
Hot, Hot, Hot, and HOT!! It's been hot and muggy in Tennessee, but it also has had tons of miracles last week! We had another RAD week here in East Nashville! It was a start of a transfer so we set some goals! We want to see a baptism this transfer, and also lots of miracles so that's what we are praying for. We had a big one with 3 investigators at CHURCH! Which was great! I was sooo happy for them! We had Christian (17 year old, great kid), Deetree (the guy who quoted James 1:5 back to me) also Jesse (Part Member Family)!!!!!! It was awesome. Christian and Deetree were the big miracles! Christian for sure. We had a lesson with him that night and it went well. We read and talked about the sacrament about of 3rd Nephi 18, and he asked us that night for a list of favorite chapters from the Book of Mormon! So I gave him a list of my favorite, and he is already reading up on those. He's a great kid! Now we just got to get him, coming along with the commandments! Deetree was also a great miracle! He has read a little from the Book of Mormon, but he is having a hard time with it. He did love church though! This area is full of miracles! It's unreal. Rachel didn't make it to church, but she did call and asked what she missed. So that's was good! A scripture has came to my mind a lot lately. It's a classic it comes from Philippians, which says; "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." I love that scripture because it's so true. If we trust in our savior who has done everything we will ever have to do we can do anything. It's pretty amazing to think about his arms reached down to strengthen us. He's there for me I know that for sure, but I love when my investigators start to trust him and realize he is there to strengthen us. Missionary work is the best. I'm so grateful for my call to serve.
Thanks for all that you do. Love Elder Jaros